About Us

We provide professional development support services to individuals, teams and entire organisations in the fields of strategy, management and leadership

The Strategic Management Institute (SMI) is  known globally as smiknowledge. Our mission is to share knowledge and skills that contribute to a heightening of individual and team level competences and effectiveness in strategy, leadership and management.

We operate with the specific intent of preparing our clients for a brave new world of strategy practices that are continually evolving as an outcome from the increasing forces of disruption. Our strategy content acknowledges the value of the traditional, but static strategic planning regime, but it is also highly focused on its transformation and renewal. To this end we introduce solutions that are grounded in the operation of a robust and fully integrated Strategic Management Framework. Dynamic in nature this framework is brought to life via the application of elevated levels of consciousness in strategic thinking. Our overall objective is to empower our clients to engage in, and benefit from our application of dynamic, agile strategic thinking. We challenge them to find ways to literally reinvent the way they practice strategy - both as a discipline and as an art; at the standard of a profession.

Our strategic intent - To enable individual and organisational transformation: As a learning and networking organisation our objective is to leverage the effectiveness of the practice of Strategic Management, to contribute to the development of new, and relevant knowledge in this specific discipline and to apply that knowledge to enable organisations to survive and thrive in the emerging world of: invention; reinvention; disruption, and; transformation. Formed in 2005, we have recently metamorphosed our fundamental and underlying principles and perspectives.

Recognising the enormity of change that will inevitably arise from the continued emergence of new superpowers, advanced technology, social behaviors and values as well as a wavering of faith in globalisation (and potentially the very idea of capitalism) we are seeking to embrace, rather than fear uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity as we enter a ‘new world order’ of business and social being. It is now our mission to provide support and knowledge to our members and society to prepare them for the changes that are underway, ensuring they are in a position to both respond and prospond within the environments within which they choose to be engaged.

Our objective:

  • Facilitate the personal development of the Strategy Professional.
  • Capture, align and assimilate the combined knowledge of strategy professionals and facilitate the dissemination of that knowledge to make a positive contribution to the standard of Strategic Management practices, and
  • Enhance the strength of the practitioners and the organisations with whom they work, through consultation, facilitation, education, and sharing of strategically oriented, performance enhancing capabilities.