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smiknowledge is actively seeking collaboration opportunities with prospective delivery partners working in complementary, strategically aligned businesses, consulting and/or executive education organisations internationally

Global Consulting and Delivery Partner Network

Strategy is a fundamental proficiency for leaders and managers of any organisation. Unlike accounting, medicine and law however, there has been no recognition of the discipline of strategy at the level of a profession. The SMI Certified Strategy Practitioner (CSP) accreditation program is designed to provide individuals, groups and other formal entities with a demonstrable proficiency and competency in strategy and a medium through which they can develop and enhance their skills; on a continual basis.

  • Accreditation Pathway: Certified Strategy Practitioner (CSP): Programs start with Member, an annual subscription based networking facility only. From there, accreditation pathways follow four levels of certification: Affiliate, Associate, Senior Associate, Fellow.
  • Become Licensed as a Strategy and Leadership Development Adviser: The SMI is seeking to licence highly skilled, qualified and experienced executives to work with client organisations to help instil higher levels of capability in strategy and leadership. Facilitators can be either independent sole practitioners or a member of a larger group. Individuals sought will hold post graduate qualifications in business management with a background in senior management or consulting and possess excellent communication skills and a capacity to relate to, and empathise with others.

To become a facilitator, you will be required to complete the SMI’s 6 Day Senior Leader Master Course in Strategy and successfully complete associated case study exams. Successful candidates will be recognised at the level of Senior Associate and thereby eligible to become accredited consultants and facilitators in strategy. Once licensed, you are free to deploy our resources under your own or joint branding. A joining and licence fee is payable to the SMI as the basis for our partnership.

The number of licences that will be issued will be limited, we are seeking only the best. If you are interested in becoming a consulting and/or delivery partner, we invite you to contact us for further information: Partnering Opportunity Request for Information