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The Seven Inconvenient Truths of Business Strategy
Hunter, P. (2014) Routledge, Oxford, UK

The Seven Inconvenient Truths of Business Strategy identifies the enormity of shortcomings from our consistent over use of the 1960’s designed, static Strategic Planning regime as a viable management tool. Its emphasis however is very much on the return of relevance to strategy and the ways and means to do so.

The book introduces a systems based approach to the conduct of strategic management, and has the benefit of being comprehensive, but at the same time is entertaining and easy to read. It follows an extended case study of the chocolate maker Cadbury to provide a narrative and illustrative application of the techniques and solutions proposed.

In particular, it introduces and explains the construct of a fully integrated Strategic Management Framework. That framework encapsulates a collection of definitive principles that act to provide a structure to strategy, in a format that is representative of a literal reinvention of strategic planning overall. The framework is grounded in strategy theory, but deployed as an integrated, aligned and interactive management system.

The book provides insights into the collaborative techniques for carrying out the integrated nature of the system successfully: formation, evaluation, alignment and implementation. It also addresses elements of strategic thinking, leadership, stakeholder engagement and of course, elements of strategy as a profession. Other topics include strategic governance, communication, leadership, learning, management of teams, agile strategy, organisational transformation and the treatment of strategic risk.

Book Reviews

"We know a lot about effective strategies, but little about effective strategizing where Paul Hunter's hands-on approach to the art of making strategy is a great leap forward. Finally a book that helps practitioners "reinvent strategic planning" to make it work in the 21st century"
- Ron Meyer, Tilburg University, Center for Strategy & Leadership, The Netherlands

"Having had many roles in and around strategy execution for many clients, as well as the reality of leading strategy development for our own organisation, I can attest to the shortcomings as described in Paul's book. His very useful advice for how to make the process far more effective, including tackling dominant logic and traditional thinking, will be hugely valuable to anyone involved in the creation of strategy, which in today's world, is most people."
- Sammy Kumar, Enterprise and Strategy & Transformation PwC, Australia

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Additional Resources

SMI have contributed to a number of academic resources, publications, seminars and conferences including:

  • Raising the Bar at Mars Corporate University (Chapter) in “Rademakers., M. Corporate Universities: Drivers of the Learning Organization, Routledge, Oxon, UK, 2014”.
  • Strategic Revitalisation: A Business Model of Innovation and Growth (Doctoral dissertation)
  • Singapore Management Review “Contemporary Strategic Management Practices in Australia”; and, “Back to the Future, Strategy in the 2000’s”
  • Strategic Management Practice in Australian Organisations Survey
  • Strategic Management Society Special Conference, Sydney, December 2014: ”Strategic Management in the Asian Century – Dealing with Dynamism, Diversity and Development”.
  • ANZAM Conference “The Conduct of Business Strategy in Australia”
  • Strategic Management Society: Presented a paper in November 2006 Conference in Vienna; Topic: Back to the Future, Strategy in the 2000’s