Corporate Support: Education and Management Consulting

Corporate Support: Taking skills and performance of managers, leaders and leadership teams ‘to the next level'

Through a blend of consulting and education, smiknowledge takes the strategy you have to provide a standardised, comprehensive, robust and fully understandable version that we then use as the basis for our education programs that embed a capability in strategy that is rarely experienced elsewhere.

We recognise that most organisations, especially corporations and Government Departments will already have a business strategy. Confusingly however, they exist in all sorts of shapes, sizes, dimensions, and time periods - in whatever format that works best for them.

Our programs were designed with that in mind, while still providing extreme value to our clients:

  • Structure, integrate and align strategy – from Vision and Mission through to Operations – and Results
    Enacted within the construct of a fully integrated Strategic Management Framework - Strategy as a system

  • Strengthen and enhance your strategy: Through an evaluation of its rigour, content, context and purpose we have literally reinvented the notion of a static strategic plan
    Strategy as a viable, dynamic, interactive management tool

  • Maintain relevance and currency: Differentiates between long term vs. short term, strategy formation vs. implementation and its application as a management tool vs. a communications tool
    Strategy as a contemporary tool for managers and leaders

  • Empower and authenticate leadership: Provides a visible, meaningful and practical message about where the business is headed
    Future direction, the essential element of effective leadership

  • Enable regular maintenance, reinvention and renewal: Application of a tailored reporting mechanism specifically suited to your own management reporting system
    Evaluation of the past, and focus on the future.

  • Alerts to the threat of disruption and obsolescence: inclusion of a monitoring and alerting mechanism that reflects on the continued relevance of your strategy
    Avoiding strategic risk, averting a strategic drift

  • Enriches implementation: Includes a full program and project measurement, management and reporting capability that can be as simple as a spreadsheet or as complex as a dashboard reporting mechanism
    Bringing strategy to life


Build a core competence in strategic management: A primary source of competitive advantage in its own right

Use consultants to enhance and refine your strategy: Not one imported from elsewhere

Embed a competence in strategy in your organisation culture: The foundation of organisational learning – the primary source of sustainable competitive advantage – one that keeps on giving and growing

Enjoy the confidence of ownership: Manage and lead with a strategy mechanism that is owned, developed and agreed to by the entire leadership of the organisation

Empower your leadership and your board: Ask the right questions, include the right content, report and judge – based on the right information and knowledge

Engages all stakeholders: Convey the right message to a broad range of stakeholders; analysts, reporters, customers, suppliers, environmentalists and other casual observers

High Volume Corporate Access and Disadvantaged Group Access to Online Courses

In addition to our in-house, bespoke education programs smiknowledge offers special rates to:

  • corporations who are eligible for volume discounts on the basis of their size, and
  • disadvantaged groups such as those from developing nations or not-for-profit organisations.

Clients from any eligible business can apply for special discounts by contacting us here: Contact Us.

In combination with a Corporate Membership, smiknowledge's Education Division can assist with the establishment of a formal Community of Strategy Practice in your organisation. Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients to bring consistency and alignment to the practice of strategy within leadership teams.

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Corporate Support: Management Consulting

Building on our extensive understanding of strategy in practice as practitioners, consultants, researchers, teachers and writers, smiknowledge has evolved an innovative and exciting Management Consulting capability.

Structured on the same infrastructure of our coursework, (the fully integrated Strategic Management Framework*) the objective of smiknowledge Corporate Support consulting solution is not to work in collaboration with you to assist you to design, evaluate and deliver relevant, timely and powerful outcomes in a form and format that you know will be the best strategic solution for you and the organisation you represent.

Services provided include:
• Conduct of strategic reviews of a business and/or audit of your stratgey
• Facilitation and management of strategy formation and implementation projects
• Facilitation of environmental scanning analysis: Scenario analysis, Design Thinking, Futures
• Conduct of competitive analysis and competitive intelligence exercises
• The conduct of research and analysis in areas of strategic importance
• Exercises and methodologies leading to the effective implementation of strategy

Why choose smiknowledge Corporate Support for your strategy consulting needs?

  • We ensure realistic, tailored outcomes to ensure implementable results

  • We are highly attuned to the disruptions created by the dramatic volatility of the world that surrounds us

  • We are highly attuned to the disruptions created by the advances in science and technology that are now emerging on a daily basis

  • We deploy advanced strategic thinking capabilities

  • We are a learning organisation that is continually renewed and informed

  • We not only implement strategy, we empower leaders

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