Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to SMI’s most frequently asked questions. Don’t see an answer to your question? Please contact us directly so that we may assist you with your enquiry.


What is a Strategy Accreditation?

SMI’s recognised accreditation of “Certified Strategy Practitioner CSP” is given to individuals who have successfully completed our courses in business strategy and practice. You can achieve accreditation at three levels: Affiliate, Associate and Senior Associate. Learn more about accreditation.

In an academic sense, what does a “recognised” Certified Strategy Practitioner accreditation mean?

This means you have demonstrated a competency in strategy, strategic thought and practice to a level worthy of recognition as a Certified Strategy Practitioner.

How do I become a CSP Fellow?

To become a CSP Fellow you must be able to demonstrate exceptional outcomes as a strategy practitioner at an experienced senior level. Recognition as a Fellow will require submission and approval to the Advisory Board with two professional references. Please contact us directly should you wish to discuss your eligibility. Learn more about accreditation.

Must I do any continual professional development coursework to maintain my Certified Strategy Practitioner CSP accreditation?

Yes, CSP’s are required to do 20 hours professional development each year to maintain their accreditation. This professional development can be delivered by SMI or another professional organisation such as CPA, Directors, HR, Medicine or Engineering.


How do I decide which course pathway is the right one for me?

Please read more about our accreditation pathways.

Can I complete SMI courses without becoming accredited?

Yes, anyone can complete SMI online courses and receive a certificate of completion, this is not the same as accreditation. In order to become accredited you must follow the accreditation process that includes meeting prerequisites, submitting examinations and joining as a participating member of SMI. Learn more about accreditation.

I have no formal business degree, however I have worked as a senior executive with decision making in strategy for over ten years. What course should I do?

Our Senior Leader Master Course (SLMC) has been specifically designed for those with over ten years of experience in senior leader or senior executive roles. Please contact us directly should you wish to discuss your eligibility. Learn more about the SLMC.


Can I be accredited without being a SMI participating member?

No, although anyone who completes an online course will be awarded a certificate of completion. To become accredited as a Certified Strategy Practitioner you will need to become a participating member of SMI, meet the course entry requirements and pass the accreditation exams. To maintain your accreditation, you are also required to complete 20 hours of professional development annually.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time on your personal profile page. Please note, once you have cancelled your membership you will immediately lose your access rights.

If I cancel my membership, will I receive a refund?

SMI do not offer refunds of any kind for memberships that have been cancelled during their membership term. If you wish to cancel your membership we recommend waiting until SMI email 1 week before your renewal is set to occur to maximise your usage.

What should I do if I want to purchase more than one membership for my organisation?

For organisations wishing to purchase more than one membership, we offer corporate program packages.