September 2, 2016

IoD members offered ‘Seven Inconvenient Truths of Business Strategy’

The Strategic Management Institute (SMI) is aiming to attract members of the Institute of Directors attending the IoD Convention on 27 September to an event in London that evening.

It is offering a complimentary introduction to the ‘Seven inconvenient truths of business strategy’ at the Holiday Inn, Mayfair, London from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Dr Paul Hunter, managing director of SMI, said: “Strategic planning in business is often condemned as a time-consuming distraction from the real world, renowned for being sporadic, biased, poorly articulated and rarely implemented with total success.

“The Seven Inconvenient Truths of Business Strategy is an antidote to conventional methods of strategic management. It presents a reinvention of strategic planning, using the tools that you already know but in a more comprehensive, practically applicable way.”

Details of the event and a booking form are here. There is no charge for participation but advance booking is essential.

At the event Dr Hunter will give a brief overview of this new approach to business strategy and take questions on how it might apply to delegates’ own organisations.

He will also provide an overview of the further educational opportunities provided by SMI, including accreditation as a Certified Strategy Practitioner (CSP), and the benefits which directors can expect to obtain from participation.

He added: “Company directors who are serious about strategy in their businesses are exactly the sort of people who join SMI. The timing of our event offers an opportunity for directors who will spend the day talking about the IoD convention’s theme of ‘thriving in a changing world’ to then learn about strategy-making in an increasingly uncertain and volatile business environment.”

SMI offers business leaders the opportunity to develop new skills in strategy to take their organisations to the next level in the face of swiftly-changing internal and external environments. It is grounded in research applied to real-world situations. The organisation presents a dynamic approach to strategy, strategic thought and practice through a suite of courses and recognised accreditations.

SMI was founded in Australia in 2005 but has been delivering courses around the world for more than a decade. Now the increasing interest in its work from European managers has led to the opening of a new London base.

Dr Hunter – who has personally relocated to London to lead the new SMI European operation – said: “SMI operates beyond the mindset of static planning, by embracing greater thinking and a systems perspective of continual strategy renewal. Through our Strategic Management Framework we deliver the tools required for managers to strategise effectively within environments of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.”

Photo caption: The Royal Albert Hall – venue for the IoD Convention on 27 September 2016. Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0.