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Welcome to the Strategic Management Institute 2022

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

The Strategic Management Institute (SMI) continues to evolve and is now a knowledge bank for content accumulated and shared over the past 10+ years. Accomplishments undertaken during that period include the publication of books, the operation and management of events and the conduct of specialist, and advanced courses in strategy. A defining feature of its work was the accreditation program that saw strategy practitioners recognised for their prowess in strategy practice. The SMI thanks all those who were involved with the activities undertaken throughout that period and the contribution from participants.

The purpose of this web site is to continue to provide a medium through which contemporary strategy practices can be shared by its two collaborators, Dr Paul Hunter and Dr Stuart Orr. All future commercial activities including consulting, coursework, events and so on will be undertaken via the entity referred to as Paul Hunter Strategy and Leadership (PHSANDL). The SMI web site will be updated on a regular basis and emails advising of these updates will be sent to past and present participants in SMI activities. Should you not be included in our alumni, but are interested in receiving email notifications please register on the home page.

After a tumultuous three years marred by Covid - 19, environmental and social upheaval there is much for strategy practitioners to think about - and do. My colleague Stuart Orr and I look forward to addressing these issue with you and to achieving satisfying outcomes from the inevitable transformations that will consume your time in the coming months and years.

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