March 3, 2021

SMI Publishes new books: Corporate Strategy (Remastered) Vol 1, Vol 2.

Since 2000, more than half of the Fortune 500 companies have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, or are experiencing stagnation or decline. Meanwhile, aggressive start-ups (Tesla, Amazon, Google) are growing at a pace and size beyond imagination.

The rules of business have changed. It is no longer sufficient to simply adapt to change. To thrive corporations must also excel through invention and implementation of (often disruptive), innovative change. It is no longer appropriate to set a static plan and expect that plan to come to fruition. It is no longer possible to rely on cost reduction, restructuring and outsourcing to grow the bottom line. Today, corporate leaders must not only know when to respond
to change, but also how to invent deliberate change.

Leaders of the future must possess skills in the practice (doing) of strategy, manage change and drive programs of transformation and renewal. Strategic plans must be renewable and developed within an environment of a dynamic, integrated strategy system.

At the Strategic Management Institute (SMI) we lament a paucity in capability in strategy, but don’t blame leaders and managers. Until now there has been no effective or understandable method of practicing strategy; hence the release of these two books written by our founder Dr Paul Hunter.

Corporate Strategy (Remastered) I: High Performance Strategy and Leadership in a Volatile, Disrupted World. This book, grounded in empirical research, enables the user to understand the nuances of all aspects of advanced strategy practice, in a context we refer to as Third Wave Strategy. It explains the way that strategy is integrated, structured and applied to practice to deliver optimal outcomes and results.

Corporate Strategy (Remastered) II: A Fieldbook, Implementing High Performance Strategy and Leadership. This book, is a ‘how to’ of third Wave Strategy. Explored in the context of a virtual business (the security printing and packaging division of Tw-I, a global corporation) its content explains how a strategy framework and associated structures, systems and processes can be applied to physically realise the successful delivery of a strategically focused organisational transformation. The book explores the experiences of the Divisional CEO and Chief Strategy Officer as they successfully transform an otherwise moribund division of Tw-I into a Hyper, High Performance organisation.