2017 Conference Micro White Papers

Conference Micro White Paper 4: If the Balance Sheet provides a “Window to the Company”: What is the Purpose of Strategy?

The topic discussed in this micro White Paper is concerned with aspects of the fourth stream of the conference program https://conference2017.smiknowledge.com/ whose theme is Strategy Innovation: Out of the box strategic thinking and tool use. In this white paper, we explore the purpose of strategy and its effectiveness in the delivery of change in organisations. We introduce […]

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Tesla car and charger - the company faces strategic challenges

Conference Micro White Paper 3: A New Era of Competition Needs New Perspectives of Strategy: Can Tesla lead the Way?

The topic discussed in this micro White Paper, and any comments you may have, will be considered for inclusion as an introductory foundation for our upcoming conferences https://conference2017.smiknowledge.com/. Any comments you may have, will be considered for inclusion as an introductory foundation for the conference which is designed to further our understanding of, and realisation […]

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Strategy remastered

Conference Micro White Paper 1: Strategy Remastered: Culture Doesn’t Eat Strategy for Breakfast, Culture IS Strategy

For 10+ years business school professors have been searching for a comprehensive understanding of just what the ‘doing’ component of strategy (strategy-as-practice) is. While the topics of strategy and culture have many touch points as part of their research agenda, little attention is given to the identification of a relationship between the two. Does that […]

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Strategy Practice


Blockchain: Enabler of digital transformation

What is Blockchain? What impact will it have on business and how soon will it be before it arrives? In this video our newly established smiknowledge multimedia team went to an Expo on Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) in London to find out. We invite you to view it here, simply click on the “View Whitepaper” link below, The insight is significant.

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