Micro White Paper: Shelley’s Dilemma: At What Point Do I Stop Planning and Start Strategising?

Shelley in the cafe - she has a strategy dilemna

Shelley has a strategy dilemma

In this Micro White Paper we explore the growth of Shelley’s retail store – from a food and drink micro store to an international conglomeration focusing on the provision of services that includes animal hospitals and boarding facilities, subterranean hotels and above ground retail and entertainment complex’s as well as overland expedition tourism services - we need to address the question: At what point does planning end, and the need for dynamic strategic management start? This question in turn demands answers to the question, “What impact will change in technology, the environment and social norms have on the way we ‘do’ strategy, and indeed business, in the future?”  With the story of Shelley’s business case in mind we invite you to read the proposition contained herein, and to then provide us with your views on the validity of the observations through either of our LinkedIn discussion group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3762509 or our Blog: https://www.smiknowledge.com/blog/.

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