Micro White Paper: A New Era of Competition Needs New Perspectives of Strategy: Can Tesla lead the Way?

In this micro white paper we build on our observation that in order for newly founded car company, Tesla to survive it must recognise the need for it to continually adapt and invent itself if it is to evolve into a key player in the automotive industry of the future. In particular, Tesla must ensure it continues to enjoy a culture of innovation and creativity in a form that exists beyond its current offering which is innovative in concept, but less so in practice. As you will see, we observe that while Tesla is benefiting from a short-term comparative advantage, in the future that advantage must be transformed into a long term competitive advantage, one that is based on the delivery of a service offering that will be hard, if not impossible for competitors to copy. This is a tough call given the number of industry incumbents and the extent of competition which is, suffice to say, fierce.

From a strategic perspective we observe, the real innovation that is possible from the Tesla business model of today has yet to be realised. Following a presentation of our case, we then ask “Can Tesla do it? Will Tesla emerge from the forces that are already preparing to fight them in a resource rich, capital intensive and extremely competitive environment or will it fall short”. With the story of Tesla’s longevity and long term prosperity in mind we invite you to read the story contained herein, and to then provide us with your views on the validity of the observations through either of our LinkedIn discussion group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3762509 or our blog: https://www.smiknowledge.com/blog/.


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