Micro White Paper: Strategy Remastered: Culture Doesn’t Eat Strategy for Breakfast, Culture IS Strategy

Strategy remastered

For 10+ years business school professors have been searching for a comprehensive understanding of just what the ‘doing’ component of strategy (strategy-as-practice) is. While the topics of strategy and culture have many touch points as part of their research agenda, little attention is given to the identification of a relationship between the two. Does that matter?  Apparently, it did when the phrase identified above became folklore in the business management lexicon. Now we find that after some soul searching the the relationship between strategy and culture may be a lot closer than we first thought. What do you think?

We invite you to consider this proposition and to then provide us with your views on the validity of the observations through either of our LinkedIn discussion group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3762509 or our Blog: https://www.smiknowledge.com/blog/.

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