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​What We Do - Seek New Horizons

Disseminate knowledge: The SMI provides core content to the management consulting firm, Paul Hunter Strategy and Leadership which in turn, applies the knowledge to such programs as:

  • The strategy diagnostic tool referred to as the Strategy Effectiveness Assessment Tool (SEAT),

  • The books, Corporate Strategy (Remastered I and II), The Corporation of the Future,

  • The strategy practice management tool, the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)sandbox, and

  • Core course content for the strategy coursework: Corporate Strategy (Remastered) masterclass.

2040 Future Corporation Project: Working with practitioners and researchers around the globe, SMI orchestrated a range of projects aimed at using a novel reporting practice – backcasting – to identify and describe the important characteristics of the future corporation and the predicted changes that will be experienced by corporations between now and 2040. This project was based on six independent projects conducted in several countries. Results has been published in the book titled “The Corporation of the Future” (Routledge).

Fortune 500 disruption analysis - an analysis of the 113 high performing companies which continuously remained in the Fortune 500 list for a period of 10 years or more was used to identify organisational responses and disruption practices that were used to achieve significant organisational development. This project determined that in order to facilitate organisational development occurred as a progression of events or process in many cases. The results of this study will be published in the future.

Core Values


Our research is always  conducted at post graduate, university degree standards


We believe our work will contribute to the great good; informing decision making


Our publications are grounded in evidence based research and analysis


We will never compromise on our publishing quality, authenticity and values 


With a combined 60 years of experience we are passionate about the work we do

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