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Our Key Team members


Paul is a professional nudger. In his capacity as founder of the Strategic Management Institute  and the consulting firm Paul Hunter Strategy and Leadership, Paul supports leadership teams engaging in programs of strategically oriented programs of organisational change, organisational structuring, and organisational transformation and renewal. Success breeds success as those teams are further nudged to design, own, and implement subsequent journeys of organisational transformation.

Throughout his career Paul has nudged change through the conduct of numerous strategy focused consulting assignments, the design and delivery of Senior Leader Master Courses in strategy, and presented at numerous national and international conferences, seminars, and briefings. In his past role he was co-founder of an independent consulting firm, and before that he was a Partner at PwC management consultants. Paul’s past clients include Shell, Toyota, Telstra, PT Krakatau Steel (Indonesia), Orica, Bunzl and Wellington City Council (NZ). Paul holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree. 

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Stuart is a professional consultant and educator. In his role as consultant he has obtained a depth of experience in strategy related projects conducted with organisations that include Australia Post, BHP, SP AusNet. As an educator he is a Professor of Strategic Management at Deakin University and MIT University. In these roles he has conducted numerous industry specific projects including Australia China Council, the Australian Coffee Traders Association and BUPA.

Fundamental to his consulting and teaching skills Stuart has researched and published articles on corporate and international strategy. In addition to over 100 articles, he has published a number of books, including a popular strategic management text.


Stuart is regularly interviewed by magazines such as Forbes, has operated two commercial enterprises and has been a board member or president of a number of organisations including the Decision Sciences Institute.

Core Values


Our research is conducted at post graduate, university degree level, at the standard of a profession


We believe our work will contribute to the greater good; informing decision making


Our publications are grounded in evidence based research and analysis


We will never compromise on our publishing quality, authenticity and values 


With a combined 60 years of experience we are passionate about the work we do

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