Delivering powerful and informed strategy, a strengthening of leadership and decision making capabilities

Facilitators of organisational transformation and continual renewal

We provide consulting and facilitation capabilities as well as formal coursework, each of which can lead to accreditation as a Accredited Strategy Practitioner (ASP) issued by the Strategic Management Institute.

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Paul Hunter

Founder and Chief Executive

Paul Hunter

Managing Director

Strategy Courses that Lead to Accreditation

Individuals: Experienced professionals can take their existing understanding of strategy and strategic management to the ‘next level’. SMI course content empowers individuals to enhance their capabilities in strategy practice and leadership effectiveness. Through the completion of coursework and continual professional development the SMI offers individuals accreditation as a Accredited Strategy Practitioner (ASP).

Corporations: The effectiveness of our enterprise wide programs are enhanced considerably when we apply our strategy content and construct to client specific strategy. In that situation we add our consulting capabilities to our work with clients to:

  • Build a solid foundation for enhanced capabilities in strategy, and
  • A foundation upon which strategy can be further developed and leadership made more effective

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Senior Leader Master Course (SLMC) in Strategy Practice

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Fundamentals of Strategic Thought and Practice (FSTP)

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Advanced Strategy Practices Course (ASPC): Now Available in Webinar Format through Expression of Interest

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Corporate Consulting

Most organisations already have a business strategy. It is not our objective to help you ‘do’ strategic planning or indeed, propose better content. Rather, our objective is to work with corporations to help them to improve individuals skills in strategy and by association, decision making and leadership. In doing so, we enable them to develop significantly better strategy systems, processes and most of all – better strategy content (that they own).

  • Through the blend of consulting and education, the SMI takes the strategy you already have then apply our unique, and advanced strategy framework and associated tools and techniques to evolve a comprehensive, robust and fully accepted ‘version’ of client specific strategy. Our starting point is a stress test of existing strategy systems, processes, frameworks and outcomes; conducted within the context of a Strategy Effectiveness Assessment Program (SEAP).
  • By combining our competence in Education and Management Consulting we are able to deliver a professional, solutions oriented consulting and learning program that provides our clients with long lasting, embedded and sustainable outcomes and results

All clients have access to corporate membership and our online education packages.

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Corporate Transformation Partnering

A business support and investment company that will provide knowledge capital to commercial businesses that exhibit a high potential to benefit from both short and long term improvements in profitability, growth, international expansion and organisational transformation and renewal.

We will partner with client organisations to:

  • Leverage their existing resource base to evolve a ‘green shoot’, breakaway business opportunity, and/or
  • Launch an international expansion program, and/or
  • Facilitate an entire journey of transformation for an entire business division or more broadly, the entire corporation

Our value proposition

  • We take:
    • an entrepreneurial as opposed to transaction perspective
    • a strategic as opposed to operational perspective, and
    • a stakeholder as well as a shareholder perspective
  • We apply our unique, strategically focused business design and organisational structuring capability
  • We share the risk and the reward


For those looking to improve their network and ability with advanced strategy knowledge.

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For those looking to enhance the performance of their team through professional development.

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